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In the Eye of Nothing

by Gorephilia

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Black smoke towers behind suffocating the rays of the sun. March in the eternal shadow blackening the heavens and the earth. Born with a festering wound. The soul slowly drained. Chronically bleeding acidic bile. The trail eating away at the earth behind. I am the acid-corroded canyon. Walls full of weeping eyes. As the stare, they judge. Their bitterness burns your neck. Water cannot wash your hands. It would just defile the well. Your pain spreading in your wake. Rotten to the core. Way past redemption. I close my eyes... The wailing of the mourners bewildered by loss. In harmony with the screeching of you punctured eardrums. Born with a festering wound. Despised and disowned. Chronically bleeding acidic bile. The trail eating away at the earth behind. Conscience, a privilege you can’t afford. Even death cannot purify.
Stand back from time, a vista perpendicular to its flow. Oh, how you long for it to end... Blind dogs running in place. Nailed to a speck of dust. Reduced to ash. Infinity of empty nothing. Chains of the eternal fleeting moment. Animals thrashing in their cages, starving to bone before your eyes. Remains scattered on wind’s wings. The living circling the drain with the dead. Infinity of empty nothing. Chains of the eternal fleeting moment. Animals thrashing in their cages, starving to bone before your eyes. Perpetual procession around finality. All is unified, inevitable darkness. Every grave and every cradle back to back, seamless. Infinity of empty nothing. Chains of the eternal fleeting moment. Animals thrashing in their cages, starving to bone before your eyes.
Coils around coils and wrapped around themselves. Spiraling through all you see. Everything entwined. Woven into a web of slithering deception. The world in the leash of its scaly shackles. Brought up navigating their ouroboran labyrinths. Their poison from our mothers’ breast like second nature. What will be left of us, the children of this plague, should we eradicate the infestation? Like in a diseased tree lodged in their wormholes like they were always there. Burn all of the earth! Reveal the deepest of truths no flame or a snake's tail could ever reach! Burn! The sleeping giant awakened The true essence of power. Time to skewer the snakes. They've had their fucking day.
A glimpse of darkness through the noose. I’m falling, suffocating in Your presence. Deeper and deeper into the slumber. Drowning in your blood. Dripping from this rotting vine. Caress my lungs! Delighted gurgle, an ode to my warmth. Awaken, beyond the stargardens of cosmic Gethsemane. In my death dream. You came before me clad in nothing but your crown, nails, and compassion. You knelt before me and washed my feet with your blood. Such a nefandous sight of the worm laid before me. A delightful ode of your skull cracking and the warmth in my feet.
Consensus 01:29
Shell of death, solemn is my invocation. Erupt from the barrel with the voice of thunder! Storm all ends of my being and shatter my temple! Unlid the skull coffin and let the rivers of blood flow over! I observe the brainmass Eden. From my old organ I divine. I fathom in my fragments to gaze deeper to the whole spectrum of disgust. I see countless of minds shackled to countless planets. The chaos of Gemini rotting before me. I see countless mourners flock before the crucified, one next to two, and immortalize his idol. Blood flows from his crucified carcass. I gaze to the black hole of his wounds. Mesmerized by the rotting organs inside. The simplicity of decay. I stand alone before this truth under the faint halo of his immortality. I do not succumb into him. His remains, the only amplifier of his words. His words, wretched as his remains.
Rejoice the stench! Feel the burning comfort you! Oxygen deprived, you will thrive. Do you believe? Excessive concentrated filth, flames of purification, excruciating pain. Not for the weak. Will you not bow as life comes running out of your veins? The accepted truths no longer keep you together as your flesh surrenders to its new form. Of these bones you'll build a kingdom and blaspheme against the foul, create a whole new level of bliss. Are you a believer? Unrelenting hunger for flesh. Embrace the graves of lifeless defilence! Lust for unstoppable wickedness. Draw of evil to conquer those above. Master over them all! See all of the bloodstained faces, their tranquil bodies decay. Foundation for a new humanity with their weakening sickness erased. Can you look unto the diseased and not recant, become the new hierophant of death? Can you integrate all of this as part of your soul? Are you a true believer?
Death Dream 01:35
Eyes locked in, mesmerized, peering through immeasurable mist. Swirling projection from a foreign tomb. The ark of the indecipherable. Addressed by the ethereals. Squelch of dissolved tongues. They talk to someone else, you want to understand. Beyond the distance of years now none of them exist. Still their flesh lingers here unable to escape. From their flesh you were born. Their voice resonates within. Eras of anxious searching yielding nothing that they could ever pass on. Revered traditions, hallowed beauty... Subservient to their preservation. All shredded to complete irrelevance. Meaningless, nonsensical, as it always was. For their short breath of light in darkness construct their monument, will made manifest. All the answers to all questions found in their graves, not their epitaphs. Pulsing in your veins, records of the mythic phantoms.


released October 2, 2020

Recorded in 2019-2020 by Gorephilia
Mixed by Tommi Otsavaara at TobaSound
Mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio

Coverart by Raul Gonzalez

CD by Dark Descent Records.
LP by Me Saco Un Ojo Records.


all rights reserved



Gorephilia Vantaa, Finland

Founded in 2006

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